Why Proofreading is Important for Internet Articles

from suite101:

There are millions of articles online, and many of them contain errors. Set yourself apart by carefully proofreading everything you publish.

The ease of publishing on the internet has given rise to pages and pages of content that are riddled with errors. If you want to succeed as a writer and be noticed by publishers who are looking for quality content, you have to set yourself apart from the masses. One way to accomplish this, in addition to writing timely and accurate articles, is to carefully proofread your work.

The Article is Never Finished Until the Proofreading is Done
You researched keywords. You wrote an outline. You expanded on the points in your outline. You wrote an attention-getting introduction and an effective conclusion. You used the spell-checker on your word processing software. Are you finished? Definitely not.

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. Now read it aloud. Consider the way the sentences flow. Does it read smoothly or do you hesitate at any point in the text?

Read it again to review spelling and grammar. The spell-checker won’t notice if the sentence says “you” when it should say “your.” Any word that is a correct word as it stands will not alert a spell-checker, even if it is used in the wrong place.

If possible, set the piece aside for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes. It’s possible to miss obvious errors if you’ve been looking at the same group of words for too long. Another option is to have a second person read the article and give you feedback.

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About suite101:
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